Lost & Found / Wet Feet

by Great Cynics

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Lost & Found 02:18
if you call me i'll be at home in the lost and found feeling alone, desperate, trying to make a sound don't wanna write a song just to have a song and i don't wanna feel held down by every wrong i'm the make-up sex that never felt any good, i’m your fickle relationship if you build me up i'll only let you down i'm the paper in your fingers that rips when you're just trying to smoke it I'm stuck on you again oh it'd be fine if I hadn't ever gone to bed i got drunk and fell awake it’d be okay if i hadn’t have seen your face i don’t know how it feels to be on your mind I’m your parents trapped inside a loveless marriage telling you lies so you don’t have to take the baggage i’m a rock in your shoe, badly designed eyes half closed, laughing at the wrong times there are feelings I know that I'll never feel and I'll never write a song like Aussie Wil i’m just a blagger, no i don’t deserve this but we’re just nobodies so just get over it if this ends tomorrow then i'll feel fine it feels like an impossibility this could even be mine just a series of opportunities that i took by saying yes so now i’m saying yes
Wet Feet 02:15
i came in with wet feet last night, i think i pissed off all your housemates, i hope that’s alright you’re staring at me and you’ve got that look in your eye like i’ve just said something stupid, like i’ve made a mess you can put me in my place but i won’t know where to stand i always hit my funny bone when you walk into the room i’m coming over i hope you’ll let me stay cos i just wanna stay up til we’re sober again if this wrong, then i don’t want right we accept the love we think we deserve, we know nothing the last time i saw you i wasn’t me trapped in the garden kissing flowers tryna breathe i told you that i missed you, then i told you that i didn’t care it’s too hard tomorrow we’ll run faster and stretch our arms out farther but maybe we’ll miss each other completely


released November 3, 2014


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